Colorado Mountain Wedding Garden Bursts into Bloom

It goes without saying, your Colorado Mountain Wedding Garden should be in full bloom for your special day! That said, promises can be hard to deliver when ‘ol mother nature is in control. Luckily we’re blessed to be located in Colorado’s Official Wildflower Capital!

I always get the question “What will the Garden look like on my wedding day a year from now.” That is so hard to say because it always depends on the weather in the winter as well as the spring! This is especially true for the early summer weddings.

Here are a couple of pictures I took of the Colorado Mountain Wedding Garden on June 10, 2017. As you can see the trees are just starting to get leaves, the grass is green and we have plenty of yellow in the garden. The tulips and daffodils started blooming about a week before. This is also after we had a HUGE amount of snow this winter and the Garden was still buried under snow until about May 15th!

Continue to check out this blog throughout the summer and early fall to see what the Garden looks like and how it changes each month. This can help you plan your Crested Butte Mountain Wedding next summer!